Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have knowledge of Dutch before starting study?

Answer: No. The study programme is conceived in such a way that students may start with no knowledge at all.

Is part time study possible?

Answer: No. Legal options are rather restricted. It is planned, however, to offer part time study in the future.

Is it possible to obtain a post-graduate degree (Ph.D.) in Dutch Studies?

Answer: No and yes. In the Czech Republic the head of such a degree should have an habilitation in Dutch Studies. As this qualification doesn’t exist either in the Czech Republic or in Slovakia, nobody in the Czech Republic is habilitated for Dutch Studies. It is, however, possible to choose a theme focused on Dutch language or on Dutch or Flemish literature within the post-graduate degree Teorie literatury  (Theory of Literature) or Obecná lingvistika (General Linguistics). The doctoral dissertation may be written in Czech, Slovak, English, German or French. In certain cases and after a positive decision of the Dean a dissertation may be written in Dutch.

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