Library of the Chair for Dutch Studies

The Library of the Chair for Dutch Studies functions simultaneously as the Centre for Language and Culture of the Low Countries. This means that the Library is also open to people interested in the Low Countries outside of the University. The Library is overseen by the Secretary of the Chair.

Contact on phone (+420) 58 563 3270 or It is possible to ask your questions in English.

The library possesses a medium sized collection of Dutch and Flemish literature and has minor collections of Afrikaans and Frisian literature. Its collection of Czech translations of Dutch written literature is the most complete in the Czech Republic. A choice of Dutch language methods, secondary literature, periodicals and a small collection of Dutch and Flemish cinema is also present.

Items may be borrowed for four weeks. The Library Regulations are available from the Secretary. Nearly all items have been catalogued in the electronic catalogue ‘AURA’, available on PC from the Secretary.

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